Whole Foods

When I’m in the USA, I practically live at Whole Foods. I had never been to any of the ones in Britain because they’re all in central London and I live in East London, so going there all the time isn’t exactly practical. But recently I went on an expedition there and what fun it was! We went to the one near Picadilly Circus.

Adrienne Orpheus

Normal people do not get as excited about health food stores as I do. I look forward to going to them. I spend WAY too much time walking around just doing… nothing in them, looking at stuff I guess. When I am standing in a well maintained health food store, I feel an excitement bordering on exhilaration. So visiting this store was an occasion worth dressing up for, like every other day in my life.

Adrienne Orpheus in Whole Foods

Well, I will say one thing, this Whole Foods is like 1/20th the size of an average Whole Foods in America. It was freaking tiny. They did have a ton of awesome stuff, but I was disappointed with the fact that there was no bulk section. The bulk section is the best! But I was thrilled by the selection of tea, as visible in the photo above.

Whole Foods Bulk Section
Why no bulk section!?!? (photo shamelessly stolen from the Whole Foods flickr)

More disappointing was the lack of Nutritional Yeast. That was half the reason we went – Nutritional Yeast is essential to delicious tofu scramble making and I still haven’t found someplace near Barking to buy it. I have to order it online.

Nakd Bar

I got a bunch of stuff, but this raw food bar was SRSLY yummy. It was a lot like the fudge babies from Chocolate Covered Katie (except not as good) if you’re too lazy to make those things. Speaking of which, Chocolate Covered Katie is my new favourite blog! I’ve made a bunch of recipes from her site lately, and they’ve all been amazing. If you’ve never eaten anything from her blog, I command you go there immediately and make something. I eat chocolate like every DAY now. I need to take pics of food more!

Until next time… xxxo.