Hello mofoers!! This is the sequel to my other post about the line of Free From vegan cheese substitutes at Tesco.

Tesco Free From Soya Medium

I think this is supposed to be a cheddar style cheese, versus the mild which is supposed to be like mozzarella. Uncooked, the cheese tasted good. Since the package shows nachos, I again decided to follow the “serving suggestion” and make nachos with it.

I’m not sure if its because I cooked this slightly longer than the pizza, but this cheese was WAY better texture wise than the one I reviewed last time. It also melted easily and it tasted really good. I was pleasantly surprised. It even had a bit of real-cheese style stretchiness, which most vegan cheese is definitely lacking. I was officially impressed. While I do want to try making nachos again, I’d really like to try grilled cheese with it. It was a little drier than Daiya (which could be seen as a good thing – Daiya is a little bit greasy at times), but with a few improvements, I think this could be as good. Next time I make a pizza, I will probably mix this in with the soya mild.


The day after I wrote this post I made the above grilled cheese with this and it was amazing. The cheese melted easily and was stretchy too. I’m so excited I can finally have decent vegan grilled cheese in this country! Thank you, Tesco. I used to think Sainsbury’s was better than you, but after this, I’ve pretty much changed my mind on that one.

Tesco Free From Creamy Style Garlic and Herb Spread

Supposedly there is a plain version of this that is supposed to be a straight-ahead cream cheese substitute, but they only ever have this garlic and herb version at the Thornton Heath Tesco. It’s too bad, I’d really like to try the plain version to see how it compares to the Tofutti cream cheese, and to make a cheesecake with it. I’m not really a cream-cheese-on-bagel for breakfast type girl, but I love a good vegan cheesecake and I haven’t made one in years.

Since it is a cream cheese substitute (I think), I decided to try it on a bagel. It was… not bad. I don’t really like flavored cream cheese that much, and like I said, I’m not a big bagel eater or whatever, so I’m probably not the best judge… but I didn’t think it was nearly as good as Tofutti’s. If you can get Tofutti instead, I would say go for that. Like I said in the last post, there is no Holland and Barrett in Thornton Heath (by the way: WTF, H&B), so I don’t have that option, unless I want to go all the way to Croydon central to get some (I don’t). Maybe the plain kind is better, though – I hope the Tesco near me starts stocking it so I can try it.

Oh, one other thing – if you like tofu omelettes, I bet any of the Tesco cheeses, including the above cream cheese or the other cheddar style spread would be great on an omelette. I’m not really a fan of tofu omelettes myself, unfortunately. I have yet to find a vegan omelette recipe that I loved… but maybe someday. 😉

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  2. PJ

    I’m a vegan and the spread cheese tasted horrible to me. Like some sort of chemical. Not even close to cheese spread.

    1. Adrienne

      I’m also a vegan but I’ve never had “cheese spread”, i.e. boursin/brie or whatever it is this spreadable cheese is supposed to be like, so I admit I can’t compare it to those. I found it comparable to cream cheese, but who knows – either way I thought it was just ok. It seems to be hit or miss – a lot of people thought the solid cheese were bad too, I thought they were both good.

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