Gluten Free Breadcrumbs recipes - cheaper than using storebought gluten free breadcrumbs
When I first started experimenting with gluten free cooking, I was really disappointed with how expensive most gluten free versions of foods are. I understand that companies need to make a profit and everything, but I feel like most corporations are just exploiting people who can’t eat gluten. Although a lot of people only go gluten free because they think it will help them lose weight or because it’s trendy, there are those who suffer greatly if they eat gluten and thus have no choice but to buy the overpriced products (or eschew things like pasta, bread, and condiments altogether… which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, just very inconvenient for the average person).

One of the first recipes I remember turning gluten free was the tempeh meatball recipe from Appetite for Reduction. I don’t have the recipe on hand, but I believe it calls for breadcrumbs. I was living in Bath at the time and I remember going to Sainsbury’s and looking for gluten free breadcrumbs and finding a tiny bag of what looked like orange sand for a whopping £7 (about $12). Like really?

Because I refuse to stand for that nonsense, I’ve figured out a few ways to make my own breadcrumbs that are a little bit less ridiculously priced and actually work really well if you’re in a jam. You just need a food processor or blender to make them.

Method #1: Gluten Free bread (duh)

This actually works better with most gluten free breads than wheat breads because they already tend to have a stale texture. You leave the bread out overnight or until it’s stale, or toast it if you’re in a rush. Once the bread has cooled off (if toasting), you stick it in the blender or food processor and pulse until you have breadcrumbs.

Method #2: Crackers

My favorite cracker to use for this is Mary’s Gone Crackers, but you can use any brand of Gluten Free crackers. You just put the crackers in a blender or food processor and pulse until you have “breadcrumbs”. In the above photo, I used them in Isa’s recipe for Olive Lentil Burgers with major success. If you’re using Mary’s Gone Crackers – 4 servings of crackers (120 grams) will yield one cup of breadcrumbs.

Obviously if you’re making a sweet dish, this probably won’t work because of the savory nature of crackers which leads me to my next method.

Method #3: Cornflakes

I find this one works really well as a replacement for panko because the texture tends to be coarser depending on the cornflakes you choose, but that’s just me. You put cornflakes in the blender and process until you have a thing that is like breadcrumbs.

Well I hope these tips are helpful to those of you living a gluten free lifestyle and thanks for reading!

Love and light –

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