I forget, occasionally, that cooking tofu is a thing that people seem to struggle with. A lot of new vegans/vegetarians seem to dislike tofu, which I admittedly don’t understand, as I think tofu tastes delicious even with nothing on it. But here’s what I do to make it taste even better!

Some people would disagree with me here, but I think freezing and then defrosting tofu makes the texture a zillion times better. I stick my tofu in the freezer as soon as I get home from the grocery store, and then pull it out to defrost the morning before I intend to cook it. If you want, you can use a tofu press to squeeze the excess water out of it after its defrosted. I don’t actually have a tofu press, so I don’t do this, but I’ve heard great things about them.

If you cut the tofu into triangles rather than blocks I’ve found it’ll be easier to cook. Ok so here is, in my opinion, the best way to cut tofu:

1. Put the block of tofu on its side.
2. Cut in half …heightwise? Is that a word? Cut in half as shown.
3. Lay the tofu down and cut in half width wise.
4. Cut in half lengthwise.
5. Cut diagonally in half
6. Cut diagonally in the opposite direction
7. Create tofu stonehenge

I don’t know why but when the tofu is in triangles instead of cubes or blocks it is easier to fry.

Whenever you make a tofu stir fry or a curry with tofu, it’s best fry the tofu first and then do the rest of the stir fry after. So, to actually fry your tofu once it’s cut up, you’ll need a really good non-stick pan or well seasoned cast iron skillet. It’ll be very frustrating if your tofu is sticking all over the place, speaking from experience here.

Heat 1 tbsp of oil over low heat. I find sesame oil or toasted sesame oil tastes amazing no matter what kind of dish you’re going to put the fried tofu in, so that’s what I always use. I’ve used olive oil and coconut oil too though when I was out of sesame, but its not as yummy.

Make your “tofu stonehenge” as I call it, in the oil. Basically you’re going to fry each side of the triangles until each side is golden brown. You can tell they are getting crispy when they start to sizzle. I use a fork to lift them up to check if they are browning. Raise the heat a little bit if they seem to be taking too long, but don’t use too much heat! After they are browned on all sides they’ll be deliciously crispy on the outside, ready to add to a stir fry or curry. Writing this post made me hungry.

Or if that’s too much work for you, you could always make tofu scramble instead…

…which I had for dinner this week! If you haven’t tried it already, the tofu scramble recipe in Vegan Brunch is hands down, the best tofu scramble recipe I’ve ever had – period. The only thing I like to add to it is kale. I wish more people knew about this, but kale is seriously the best thing to put in tofu scramble! It’s like this magical leaf that soaks up the flavor.

There’s only a few more days left of veganmofo! I’m going to be sad when its over. 🙁


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