"Trust Your Vibes" card from Kyle Gray's "Angel Prayers" oracle cards

I’m going to be honest here – for most of my life I’ve been skeptical of energy work.

I have disregarded qijong, reiki, and other energy healing modalities as basically a bunch of new age BS, despite the fact that I’m well aware of the validity of other similar new age practices. I had no experience whatsoever to base this opinion on, I simply had always been told that it was nonsense so I always believed it was nonsense. Being healed by someone moving their hands over your body? Yeah ok.  

Fast forward to a little under a year ago, when I called into Doreen Virtue’s radio show on Hay House Radio. For those who don’t know, Doreen is an extremely successful author of metaphysical books and the creator of an alternative to traditional tarot cards called angel oracle cards.

I asked Doreen for guidance about a few things I was struggling with at the time. She gave me an extremely accurate reading and sage advice. Doreen gives gifts to everyone who calls in, and she was really excited to give me a few.

Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot Cards and Angels of Abundance

One of the gifts she gave me was her Certified Angel Card Reader course and a deck of her Angel Tarot Cards. She also gave me a copy of her book Angels of Abundance. At the time, I had done tarot in the past, but abandoned the practice. I was a little skeptical of angel cards as well, but decided to take the course anyway.

To my surprise, I found angel cards much easier to work with than tarot cards and astonishingly accurate. I started doing a reading for myself every day, and eventually moved on to doing readings for others. After a while, I started giving readings at parties.

When I do readings for myself every day, I usually use Doreen’s Daily Guidance from Your Angels Oracle Cards. The question I usually ask is simply “What do I need to know today, Angels?” 

Energy Work Card from Doreen Virtue's "Daily Guidance from your Angels" Oracle Cards
One card that came up over and over again for me was the energy work card. I shrugged it off, and didn’t think too much of it at the time. The holistic health studio I go to for my weekly meditation group, Essence of Healing, offers reiki, so I had many opportunities to try it, I just never did. Like many people, I’m hesitant to treat myself to anything.

For Christmas, my brother got me Kyle Gray’s Angel Prayers Oracle Cards. So of course I gave myself a reading that same day, asking the same question I always ask. Again, I got a message about energy work. I decided on that day I was going to try reiki.

Not long after I made that decision, I discovered Essence of Healing was doing a Usui Reiki I training course in early January. I had not previously thought of becoming a reiki practitioner, but I figured it was a good opportunity to learn about it.

During the class, I learned about the history of reiki, heard some first hand accounts of how life changing it can be, and received reiki healing from the other student in the class. Still, I felt like I was experiencing the class through the lens of skepticism. Even though I could see it worked for others, I still didn’t necessarily believe it could help me. I left the class worrying that reiki didn’t work on me, and that I had wasted my time and money.

It wasn’t until a few hours later that I noticed the difference.

After class, I went food shopping and then I went home.

At home, when I looked around my room, it was like I was looking at it through new eyes. I suddenly wondered how anyone could live here. It was in a cluttered, dirty state from months of neglect, but I had never really noticed it up until that point. After receiving reiki, It was actually physically difficult for me to breathe in such a space.

I felt immediately that I had to clear it out from top to bottom. I removed all the rubbish, cleaned out my closet, reorganized my craft supplies, and trashed or donated anything that I didn’t really need. I put together a shelving unit I had previously been too lazy to put up, and even reorganized my shoes. Once I was done cleaning, I felt like the room doubled in size.

Normally, a cleaning project of this magnitude would be a hugely draining, day-long task for me (because, spoiler alert, I don’t like cleaning and have to force myself to do it). This time, however, I wasn’t even really thinking about it – it seemed effortless, and it was done in one Sunday evening.

Clear Your Space Archangel Jophiel card from Doreen Virtue's Archangel Oracle Cards

The miracles continued the next day at work.

At the time that I took reiki I, I had a (soul crushing) day job in customer service. Since the beginning of my employment there, I had been sharing a small makeshift workspace with 3 coworkers, made up of three tables pushed together. The day after my reiki class, in the middle of a normal Monday, a work crew interrupted our workday to take away the tables and install real cubicles. I felt as though my energy coming into my workplace was what caused this to happen. After the cubicles were installed, I had so much more space at my day job as well.

Later on, as I drove from my day job to my teaching job, I felt as though I was seeing the rest of the world through new eyes as well. I was able to enjoy the sun, and the way the leaves looked as they were blowing in the wind. I was able to see the beauty in simple things that I had been completely blind to before.

In the months that followed, I continued to practice reiki on myself and others. Shortly after that first reiki treatment, I realized that there was no room in my life for the day job either. After 2.5 months of consistent self-healing (reiki, affirmations, shadow work, and meditation), I was able to quit the day job to focus on HAVING A LIFE AGAIN and doing the work that is really important to me. I don’t think reiki was the only thing that caused this chain of events, because I did a lot of other inner work as well. I can’t help but think, however, that reiki was the catalyst for it.

In retrospect I can see that the external state of my room and workplace was a physical manifestation of the internal energetic blockages I had lived with up until that point. Receiving reiki had cleared the blockages out, and as a result my external circumstances “cleared out” as well.

Before I discovered reiki, I often used to lament that I felt as though my brain didn’t work right. I seemed to always be struggling to enjoy virtually any aspect of my life, and my energy was very unfocused. Now I realize my brain is fine, it was just cluttered, and receiving reiki has cleared it out more than anything I had tried before – including meditation.

Energy work doesn’t remove the need for other spiritual practices, such as shadow work or self-love. But it can clear away our own stubborn resistance to healing.

Adrienne Orpheus - Reiki Practitioner
Artwork in the first image is from Kyle Gray’s Angel Prayers Oracle Cards
“Clear Your Space” card is from Doreen Virtue’s Archangel Oracle Cards