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adrienne orpheus impala costume
Happy birthday to me!

This year for my birthday I wanted to have a Supernatural birthday party so that’s what I did.

From the facebook event page:

On the 23rd of August 1986 in the year of our Lord AD, I descended from Heaven in order to occupy the vessel the world has come to know as ADRIENNE ORPHEUS. On the 16th of August 2014 we will celebrate this joyous occasion by participating in the traditional festivities associated with birth before getting into our 1967 impala and driving off into the sunset while “Carry on Wayward Son” plays in the background.

For the occasion, I decided to cosplay Dean’s car.

Impala costume by Adrienne Orpheus

I made this dress the day before the party using a slightly tweaked version of the sewing pattern Simplicity 3833. For the “license plate”, I painted the sky and orange grass with acrylic paint, and used a white iron-on t-shirt transfer for the “KAZ 2Y5″ part. I had go go boots on before these photos were taken, but my feet hurt so I took them off. When I wear this at Dragon Con this year, I’ll be sporting the boots again!

I made 2 vegan, no sugar added cakes: a chocolate gluten free one and a vanilla whole wheat one.

angel banishing supernatural birthday cake

This Angel banishing cake was the gluten free one, I used this recipe for cupcakes, except I poured the batter into a cake pan. I made up a vanilla glaze recipe using coconut milk, and the angel banishing sigil was drawn using strawberry jam.


The “devil’s trap” whole wheat cake was made using the vanilla cake and chocolate frosting recipes from Skinny Bitch in the Kitch.

For both cakes, I just substituted a mixture of baking stevia and coconut sugar for the white sugar, since I can’t eat cane sugar.

supernatural birthday party

I made some decorations for the party, including this devil’s trap on poster board for the table. Sidenote: Halloween decorations come in handy when you’re having a Supernatural party.

Near the end of the night we sat around the fire and sang songs, including such SPN classics as “Carry on Wayward Son”, “Eye of the Tiger”, and “Heat of the Moment”.


Today was my actual birthday and I spent it on the beach in the sun which is exactly what I wanted!

vegan high raw cheesecake

Since I had birthday cake at my party I decided to make a cheesecake on my actual birthday. I used this recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie for the cake and I made up my own recipe for the strawberry topping. It was ridiculously good!

I got lots of presents that I loved, but the absolute best thing I got was this baby:

If you follow me on any social network, you probably know that I’ve wanted the vitamix for like 6 years. I’ve put a picture of one on every vision board I’ve ever made. By some complete miracle, I happened to find one on sale at the store. So with a little help from my boyfriend, I finally bought myself one. Dreams do come true!

This was a difficult year for me for many reasons, but I believe there is a rainbow at the end of every storm… and I feel good about things that are on the way. My goal for this new year is to be more open, more authentic, and to share more, including with all of you!

Love and light,


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Happy Croatoan day!

August 1, 2014

I’ve mentioned tons of times on my blog and elsewhere that I’m a massive Supernatural fan. Allow me to squee over this historic day in Supernatural history. This can only happen once ever!

Without spoiling anything, there’s an episode where Dean travels to the future and he goes to the year 2014 and sees the above sign. In celebration, Supernatural fans are calling it “Croatoan Day” or “Endverse day” and are encouraged to write “croatoan” on their arm.

I chose to show my love by wearing my Supernatural shirt and zombie flats (behind me is my wonderful boyfriend, Ben). Although a lot of people, including Misha Collins wrote “Croatoan” on their arms, I opted not to do this because I didn’t have a red sharpie and I only wanted to write it if I could do it in red (silly, I know).

I made this graphic instead.

from mostly-jensen on tumblr

GIF thanks to mostly-jensen

Love and light, spnfamily,


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