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A big part of manifesting the life you want that not enough people talk about are the following things:

1. Following your intuition (which is a part of you connected to the universe in the first place).

2. Saying no to things that don’t make you happy and/or that your intuition is telling you to say no to. It can be difficult to tell the difference between your intuition saying no and your ego being afraid to step outside your comfort zone. I could write an entire book on this, but instead I’ll just say Andrea Hess has a great video about knowing the difference between your intuition and ego.

3. Maybe the most important thing: Sometimes you have to take action to feel good. That’s what Abraham Hicks mean when they say “reach for that good feeling emotion” (paraphrased, but you know what I mean). You have to reach! Reaching means actually doing something. Once you do that it’s like, bingo! The manifestations flow more easily.

A lot of people say to get what you want, you just have to choose to feel good and appreciate what you have. That IS totally 100% true, but if there is something in your life that you’re unhappy with and you CAN change it, do something! If you’re unhappy and you can’t necessarily change it (at least not right now), make changing that thing one of your goals, and try doing things that do make you happy to get back into the vortex in the meantime. Then you can manifest a better reality. If you’re not doing something that would make you happy because you’re afraid of failure, do whatever you have to do to gain more courage! Affirmations are a great place to start. Aside from your mood improving, depending on how you choose to take action, there can be other benefits as well. And it’s important to remember that a lot of the things that seem impossible to change, are not actually impossible to change.

For me, exercise is the easiest and fastest action I can do to feel good. If you read my lifestream, you know I recently got kicked out of my flat. It was actually one of the best things I’ve ever manifested – sort of like when you get fired from a job you knowingly hate? Like that. One of the problems I had at my old place was dealing with some negativity on the part of my housemates that got under my skin, bad. Despite my best efforts, I used to always get upset about things said to me and let it ruin my day. It would have a snowball effect, and the next thing I knew I’d be thinking about other things that made me unhappy – like my bank account balance, or how dinner didn’t come out that great, some song I was working on that wasn’t coming out exactly right, or whatever.

However, eventually I noticed that I felt a lot worse about things in general on the days when I didn’t get a chance to work out. If I got a workout in, especially AFTER something bad happened, I felt awesome regardless, and it was like nothing could bring down my mood. Now I never miss a work out in the morning – the sooner I exercise after I wake up, the better I’ll feel, and the better my day will go. Obviously, aside from those things, exercise increases my energy levels, improves my physical appearance, and boosts my confidence – and all these things have a massive impact on the rest of my life. So it’s like killing two birds with one stone (or chopping 2 blocks of tofu with one knife, to use a more ethical expression). If you don’t usually exercise – I recommend giving it a try.

In a similar vein, sometimes you have to stop being so gosh damn lazy if you want to feel good. You are denying the world your greatness when you do this. The world NEEDS to know how awesome you are, so cut it out. Recognise what you’re doing (or not doing) that makes you feel bad and stop! I think Abraham has a metaphor for that – don’t put your hands on the stove if you know it’s going to burn you? ;)

For example: It might seem like a good idea to blow off my work out in the morning, when I’m feeling tired or lazy, but I know my day is going to be worse because of it. So when those thoughts of not exercising cross my mind, I just gotta dismiss them.

To use a different example: if I spend an entire day reblogging cat GIFs on tumblr instead of doing something productive, I know I’m going to be sad about it later when I haven’t worked on something else I genuinely wanted to do (like write this post). Yeah, those (non-)activities are easier than actually doing something, and might make me feel good for a little bit, but if I feel bad after the fact, it doesn’t matter!

If you get lazy and procrastinate on taking inspired action, a lot of the time it’s because you’re afraid – usually of failure, but sometimes of change or even success. Find the best way for you to release your fear. I think saying affirmations works the best. So look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you’re good enough!

Meditation is another great way to do this. If you need a guided meditation, Louise Hay’s Morning and Evening Meditations are the absolute best.

Is there something you’re unhappy about in your life that you know you can change?

If there’s something in your life that makes you unhappy, but seems impossible to change right now, what can you do to feel good now?

Are you avoiding doing things that will make you happy? What can you tell yourself to help you gain courage?

Love and light xx

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