I first heard about Funspot when I saw the GREAT documentary “The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters“. If you haven’t watched it, you should do that. My hometown is within driving distance of Laconia, New Hampshire, where Funspot is located so I made a point to go when I was visiting my parents.

When we got there, I went straight to the room where that iconic scene in “King of Kong” took place. I felt a little like I was in a mini video games convention.

In my natural habitat.

I love dig dug!

I had never head of this arcade game, it was called “Lady Bug”. But I loved the art! I wanna cosplay the girl from Lady Bug! I wonder if anyone would know who I’m supposed to be?

I am terrible at Donkey Kong, but I just wanted to play on the same cabinet as Billy and Steve! Bonus appearance of the Feed Me bag I made.

I wonder if deadmau5 got the idea for the title of “Ghosts n Stuff” from this game.

The only thing I was disappointed by was that they didn’t have “Hydro Thunder”. It’s not retro but it IS my favourite arcade game.

I won enough tickets to get this mug.

The next day, we went to North Conway so I could go shopping. There were not a lot of shops that I liked, plus it was raining like a bastard, but I found this awesome vegan cafe by pure, unadulterated luck! It is called Taste of Life.

I’ve been drinking green juice every morning and I was all BLAH that day because we didn’t have a juicer at the cabin so I wasn’t able to have my morning juice. Little did I know I would find this cafe, and they served the EXACT SAME GREEN JUICE that I always make! The same recipe. It tasted the same. I also got this vegan coconut yoghurt granola that was AMAZING:

I also liked that it matched my outfit. They have a facebook page here! Next time you’re in New Hampshire, be sure to go there!

You can see ALL the photos I took at Funspot and Taste of Life here on my Google+ profile.


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  1. jennifer

    yay for a fellow vegan new hampshirite! i live on the seacoast, but i have many happy memories of going to funspot when i was younger. i loved skee-ball!

    1. Adrienne

      That’s awesome! I played Skee-ball when we went, it definitely brought back fond memories 🙂

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