While visiting my parents in the US a couple weeks ago, my friend Lisa and I made an adventure to New York City to attend Sanrio’s 50th Anniversary Small Gift pop up shop tour because we are both gigantic Hello Kitty nerds. It also gave us the chance to visit a bunch of our friends in the city!

The Sanrio tour spanned over two days – Thursday 9th December and Friday. We arrived on Thursday but we didn’t really want to drag our stuff around, so instead we met up with our friend Carrie and went to hang out at Kunokuniya bookstore! I bought an issue of Zipper (fav Japanese magazine, easily!) and a soy pumpkin latte which was the size of a bowl, hahaha.

After our friend Chris met up with us, we went to some Korean chicken place with a bunch of friends. Naturally, there wasn’t much for me to eat, but the restaurant itself was totally rad, and they gave us free fleece hats after the meal!

Then we went to Chris and Carrie’s Brooklyn apartment, which I loved! I took this opportunity to take some quick outfit shots in the kitchen, which for a one bedroom apartment was pretty damn impressive.

I’m wearing a handmade blouse and an Innocent World top and Skirt. I’m so glad I decided not to sell this set because it fits so much better now that I’ve lost some weight.

Lisa looking so good in her Belldandy shirt!

The next morning, it was time for Small Gift. Sanrio’s touring pop up shop was basically a lunch truck, but instead of food they sold merchandise in celebration of Sanrio’s 50th anniversary. They gave out “menus” with a list of all the merchandise to choose from. The line was unexpectedly long, so we had to stand outside in the blistering cold for at least a half hour before we made it to the truck. I mean, seriously cold. I couldn’t feel my hands. It was exciting to see so much Hello Kitty stuff, but holy shit everything was really expensive! I was hesitant to get anything, given how poor I am, but after risking my life and sanity by having to stand in sub-zero temperatures for so long there was no way in hell I was going home empty handed. I got the hooded scarf since I’ve been wanting a fall/spring scarf for a while now.

They had this amazing HK smart car that I totally wanted to steal.

After that, we ran to the nearest heated indoor area, which happened to be Macy’s. I never realised before this that Macy’s in NYC is an ~experience~, unlike in Massachusetts where it’s just another cruddy department store. The NYC Macy’s was big, insane, and even had a cafeteria in it! So we sat down to have some lunch and warm up. It was way, way too crowded to do any shopping but they did have an Urban Decay display which I took the point to explore briefly.

This may seem redundant, but I felt the urge to go to the Times Square Sanrio store after this. So after asking my friends if it was ok, we all agreed to go. I was really wanting a pair of Hello Kitty mittens, but I ended up getting a really cute tackle box instead. I got it to store my make up in!

We were pretty close to the fashion district, and I was looking for some fabric for a few projects I was working on, so we headed there next. Carrie was nice enough to take us to all the fabric stores in the area.

We ended our fabric journey at a store called Mood that is apparently famous because of something about Project Runway… I’m not a Project Runway fan, I admit, so I couldn’t appreciate it in that way, but they had a huge and impressive stock! I did find one fabric I loved, but it was $15 a yard, so I sadly had to pass on it. 🙁

Later on, we went to a new friend’s house to watch Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (one of my favourite movies!) and play a Wii game called “Just Dance”. Carrie made sure to get photographic evidence of the party.

Saturday morning we were pretty tired, so we slept in a little and got a bit of a late start. The only thing on my to-do list for today was that I really wanted to go to Pure Food and Wine – an insanely famous raw vegan restaurant near Union Square, perhaps also known for spawning the book Raw Food Real World. I’ve tried making raw food myself many times with limited success (I don’t have a dehydrator, spiralizer, or a Vitamix so… yeah), thus I was eager to see how such a well known raw restaurant does it.

That smoky effect in the background is actually someone walking by our table

The restaurant was REALLY expensive, so in an effort to not kill my wallet, I didn’t get one of the main dishes. Instead I started with the huckleberry salad, which was topped with some orgasmic dressing and what I assume was cashew cheese. I’ve made raw cheez many times before, but the stuff on this salad was serious business. It looked and tasted like real, sliced parmesan or whatever type of cheese that’s supposed to go on salad. I’m not even a huge salad eater but it was so so soooo good!

For dessert, I followed up with pumpkin pie topped with ice cream. It was more like a pumpkin mousse than pie, but still delicious. Super smooth with just the right amount of sweetness.

After the food, I had this weird high feeling like I had just leveled up at life. I’ve heard of the light feeling you get after going raw, but never experienced it before this meal.

That night we went to a party at my friend Carolann’s house. I got pretty drunk, but managed to coordinate myself enough to take a cute picture with my BFFs.

The next day we had to leave. 🙁 I really wanted to stay longer, but Lisa had work the next day and I had work that I had to get back to doing as well.

Thanks so so so sooo much to Carrie and Chris for letting us stay with them, and extra thanks to Carrie for taking so many of these pictures! I go back to England in less than a week and I’m going to miss everyone terribly.

Until next time-