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Vegan Beauty Review!

First of all… I’m pleased to say I was recently a guest blogger at Vegan Beauty Review! Check out my article on vegan eyeshadow primer here! 🙂

Second of all, my Cruelty Free Make Up Guide and my previous post about hair care have been getting linked and liked all over the place, which I’m so grateful for! As a result, I’ve gotten a lot of emails and comments about brands not on the list. I’d like to clear up a few things on two big contenders in the beauty world:

Are Anna Sui Cosmetics cruelty free?

NO! No. Anna Sui Cosmetics is owned by mega corporation Procter and Gamble, one of the biggest and most unapologetic offenders in terms of animal cruelty. Even if the actual cosmetics themselves aren’t tested on animals (which they most likely are), when you buy Anna Sui make up, the profits still go to P&G. They are not cruelty free.

Their products are massively over rated anyways, if I’m being honest. The best thing about Anna Sui is their packaging, seriously.

Is Herbal Essences vegan?

People ask about Herbal Essences a lot too. For reasons I don’t understand, Herbal Essences has a reputation for being vegan (is it the packaging or something?), but the company that makes Herbal Essences, Clairol, are also owned by P&G! So, no they are not cruelty free at all.

Lastly, you may have noticed that I added a lifestream to my site, to record my day to day activities! I also share links that I love there every day. These updates don’t show up on the main page or the main RSS Feed since they aren’t relevant to everyone’s interests obviously, but they can be found here. I set up a separate RSS for those entries here should you want to follow along!

Thank you to all my readers, I love you all! Looking forward to starting spring with a NEW series of articles this week!

Happy Spring!!

Cruelty Free Cosmetics

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    From MDC over at TPEF. Have a great day ahead.

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      Thank you sooo much!! 😀 I’ll definitely be sure to check out your blog too!!

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