Yuffie Soaps

I stumbled upon Yuffie Soaps on Etsy when I ran out of Vitamin C serum and foaming face wash. It is a fairly new store, created in May 2011. I wasn’t crazy about the price I paid for the last bottles of serum I bought, so when I searched Etsy this time I arranged the results by price (low to high). I was also hoping to buy them both from one shop instead of two different shops like I usually have to. Yuffie Soaps was the cheapest on the whole site, and had both products, so I decided to explore further.

Additionally, the company’s name is the same as the only awesome thing to come out of the worst Final Fantasy game ever, so I won’t lie, that also influenced my decision to buy from them.

Yuffie from Final Fantasy VII
Oh yeah, I went there

The good thing about Yuffie Soaps is that everything in the shop EXCEPT for a few bars of soap is vegan – and the stuff that’s not vegan is clearly labeled. I only ordered what I needed – Vitamin C serum and facial wash. When I got my order, she also sent me a sample of under-eye cream. The sample was vegan of course, like all the other facial products in the shop, but it included ingredients as well. I HATE when I receive a sample from a company and I can’t tell if it’s vegan or not because they didn’t include a label or ingredients!

Yuffie Soaps Bottles

The Products

I was surprised at how much product I received. The face cleanser is especially big considering how cheap it was!

The big thing I was pleasantly surprised about Yuffie Soaps was that the products included directions for use – well, except the facial soap, but that’s pretty easy to figure out. Including directions on products seems like a no-brainer, since all of the big skin care companies display directions on their bottles. However, most indie companies don’t bother to include directions on their products at all – in fact, Yuffie Soaps is the first indie beauty company I’ve purchased from that actually bothered to put directions on the products themselves and not just on the website.

As a relative newcomer to the wild world of skin care, I’ve many times purchased a product without knowing how to use it. When I first started using facial toner, I bought it from another Etsy store, and the bottle had no directions for use. So I used to just rub it all over my face with my bare hands. Then a friend gently let me know that you’re supposed to dab it on with a cotton ball. Whoops!

In the case of the Vitamin C serum, it advised gently rubbing it in an upwards motion, which I had no idea to do, but makes perfect sense! The sample of eye cream included similar directions for use which, needless to say, I found extremely helpful.

The facial wash is BLACK! I’m not sure if that’s intentional or just due to the ingredients but I thought it was pretty cool.

I liked that the product was liquid-y instead of viscous because it comes out of the bottle a lot easier. No squeezing required. It made my face feel fresh and clean, so it does the job. It’s gentle and feels good on my face, definitely a lot better than the stuff from ASDA I’ve been using lately.

The vitamin C serum smells good and as far as I can tell, works fine. My skin feels good when I wear it, and I only need to apply a little.

I’m not sure I can comment on the complete effectiveness of the eye lotion since I sleep so much that I don’t usually have to worry about bags under my eyes. I used it as a moisture boost around my eyes and it works great for that!


Overall, I’m SO happy that I found Yuffie Soaps and I can’t wait to check out some of the other products they have available. There’s tons of other things that I’m DYING to try in the shop! As the company is still new, I can’t wait to see what products they release next. If they also sold vegan sunscreen, retinol, and vegan moisturiser cuz then I could buy everything in one place! And if they made a soap inspired by Yuffie, I guess that would be kind of cool too. 😉

Yuffie gif from Final Fantasy VII