It’s no secret that I wear colour contact lenses to change my eye colour. My real eyes are brown but I’m usually seen with blue or grey eyes. Over the years I’ve tried probably every brand imaginable. Circle lenses have become really popular lately so I wanted to give them a try. I had heard the nudy grey lenses were really good, and I was looking for new grey lenses anyways, so awhile back I picked some up.

I was hoping for something that would make my eyes really pop – and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. Oh – and they had to be prescription! I can barely see at all without my glasses so plano lenses were not an option (there’s a ton of sites out there that only sell plano lenses, and they couldn’t annoy me more). So I got the Nudy Grey Circle Lenses from where they are quite cheap considering they last about a year.

They shipped pretty quickly and came with a free extremely cute case, pictured above. They also came with an extremely cute leopard print bag but unfortunately I managed to misplace that before getting a chance to take a picture (sigh).

These are my eyes with the Nudy Grey Circle lenses. They make my eyes look bigger, but the color in them is a super subtle dark grey. I’m not sure if this is because of the lenses or because my eyes are super dark. I do like the way they look, but the lack of colour was a little disappointing to me.

Comparatively, the following pic is of me wearing Freshlook Colorblends lenses which are sort of regular colour lenses you can get anywhere. They are what I usually wear.

Overall, I’d love to try more of the other kinds of Circle Lenses in the future to see how they compare to the nudy grey lenses, and how much colour they give. But until then the most colour boost I’ll stick to my regular old Freshlook lenses.


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