Be a part of my next musical endeavor, on Kickstarter!

February 5, 2014

Those of you who’ve been following my blog for a while know that I’ve been working on an album for like 3 years. I’m so FREAKING EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE that the time is finally nigh for me to finish it, and I’d really love it if you helped me do so! Check it out right […]

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Arisia 2014 photos

January 28, 2014

This is our first con of 2014! While VentureCosplay is still on hiatus, I’ve uploaded my Arisia photos to my facebook page, though the high resolution ones ARE here on VC if you want them. We only went to the con for Saturday, so if you were there on that day, there MAY be a […]

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I made a Supernatural Devil’s Trap Pie! Can be gluten free, sugar free, vegan (recipe)

January 5, 2014

Bring me some pie. So… I may or may not have recently started watching Supernatural (by that I mean I watched all 8.5 seasons over the course of what? A month?). I also may or may not be completely fucking obsessed with it. You probably already know this if you follow me on Tumblr or […]

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Vegan cranberry bread – can be gluten free and sugar free

December 17, 2013

When I was a kid, my mom made cranberry bread all the time and I loved it!! Since it’s cranberry season again, I made it a mission this year to recreate that recipe in a vegan way. Vegan Cranberry Bread Can be sugar free and gluten free! 2 cups flour or gluten free flour blend […]

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What does a vegan Thanksgiving feast without sugar or gluten look like?

December 6, 2013

I haven’t really celebrated Thanksgiving for a few years, since I was living in the UK and it is not a real holiday there. I haven’t really missed it, to be honest, because every Thanksgiving I’ve been forced to attend since I went vegan has been less than stellar. This year, however, I am back […]

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#veganmofo Make gluten free breadcrumbs cheaply and easily

September 29, 2013

When I first started experimenting with gluten free cooking, I was really disappointed with how expensive most gluten free versions of foods are. I understand that companies need to make a profit and everything, but I feel like most corporations are just exploiting people who can’t eat gluten. Although a lot of people only go […]

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