Okay! This post was a few weeks coming, but I assure you it is good.

I have been a fan of mc chris since I first heard “Fett’s Vett” in Zack and Miri Make a Porno (which is a film THAT I LOVED by the way). I have been waiting to go to an mc chris show since then and was not able to for various reasons. He’s a big inspiration to me both musically and in life, and he’s why I always spell my name “adorpheus” with a lowercase “a”!

Well, fate smiled upon me this year, because he happened to be in Boston at the exact time of my cousin’s wedding when I was going to be in Boston too!

For the show, I took this mc chris shirt I bought forever ago and turned it into a dress. The shirt became too big for me after I lost weight so I cut it up and turned it into this!

Before the show, mc was standing by the merch table signing stuff and saying hello to fans. I was freaking out at this point cuz I didn’t expect him to be there before the show. The craziest thing was hearing his voice in real life, it really is that high, that shit’s not fake. Which I think is awesome cuz I love his voice! I was nervous as hell, but I worked up the courage to ask for a photo and he was super nice to me. He signed my ticket for me. He said to “never give up” and that I should enter one of his remix contests.

The first opening act was Richie Branson, a Sony producer turned nerdcore rapper. Apparently it was his first show ever, which I can relate to. He did a great job and the crowd was totally into it. He even spit a song about cosplay girls which I thought was awesome, being a cosplayer myself.

I got this video of him too!

The second band that played was video game metal band Powerglove. They had these rad costumes and they threw candy to the audience! They were also hilarious and had awesome merch.

The best part was them playing the pok√©mon (cartoon) theme song if I’m being honest. I lost my shit when I realised that’s what they were playing, as did the rest of the audience. Oh! But they also did the X-Men cartoon theme song which I loved, because I was a huge fan of that cartoon as a kid.

Finally it was time for mc! I wish I had a setlist because I was too busy freaking out to recall all the songs he played, but he started with Tasty Face. His voice was awesome live!

He also played “Older Crowd”, “Popcorn Frog”, “Fett’s Vette”, “IG-88s ’57 Chevy”, “The Tussin”, “Emo Party”, “Neville”, “Pizza Butt”, “Hoodie Ninja”, “Jelly Inside”, “Nerd Grrrl”, and OMG he even did “I Want Candy”, which was amazing. Oooh and he did “Drinkin’ Blunts Smokin’ 40s” which was my favourite part of the night. The cool thing was that for some of the songs he did a new mixtape version, where the production was different but the lyrics and melody were the same. Near the end he went into “overtime” and started taking requests for songs too!

I got this video of him performing “Wiid” which was great because that’s one of the first songs I heard by him. I was hoping for “Evergreen” cuz that’s my favourite mc song, but, alas.

He also told us some good news, that his show “the mc chris cartoon”, was picked up by a network and it is definitely happening! I donated to the mc chris cartoon kickstarter, so I’m super excited to see it! After the show we hit the merch table where I got these stickers and a pin and a poster some other cool stuff!

mc’s concert was extra fun because it was almost like being at a mini nerdcore convention. I felt an unusual sense of togetherness with the other members of the audience that I definitely don’t get at a normal show. It may have taken three years for me to get to see him but it was worth the wait!!