I first heard Marina and the Diamonds (without realising it) when I heard her song Hollywood on the radio in the screenprinting room while I was still at university (since, I’ll be honest, the only time I listen to the radio is when it’s forced on me, such as in an academic setting). I didn’t really hear her until over a year later though when I was on a plane ride home from the USA. I was listening to random artists on Virgin Atlantic’s media player thing when her song Shampain came up on shuffle. I loved it instantly. I spent the rest of the flight home listening to The Family Jewels on repeat. The entire album is amazing, there’s not a single bad track on it, but Shampain was a really stand out track for me. I listened to it over and over again.

Marina & the Diamonds

I originally wasn’t planning to go to her concert because it was the same day as Hyper Japan but my excitement over the possibility of seeing her live got the best of me and I ended up buying a ticket anyways. 😛 …Plus who knows when I’ll get the chance to see her again, given the amount of work I have to do this year.

One thing I did notice about this gig is that there was much more diversity in the crowd than at most of the shows I go to. Normally I feel like I’m surrounded by tweens whenever I go to a concert – but at this show there were adults, teenagers, middle aged people and up, which I think is awesome and shows how wide an audience Marina attracts.

She came on wearing this gorgeous vintage (?) dress with lace gloves and petticoat. Not sure if she was wearing a wig or if that was her real hair, but I admit I love the blonde on her! A lot of people freaked (in a bad way) when she switched from brunette hair to blonde but I love it. She opened with an acoustic version of Radioactive, one of the singles from her upcoming sophomore release, Electra Heart. She followed up that with Are You Satisfied? and then The Outsider. The next song she sang was I Am Not A Robot, which was amazing! Normally that song isn’t my favourite, but the way she sang it live was outstanding, and the disco ball in the venue lit up during the chorus! I tried to get a video of it, but it didn’t really come out good. Lame.

The next songs she played were more from her new album, one called Homewrecker and the other called Living Dead. I liked these songs a lot more than “Radioactive”, hearing them made me feel excited for Electra Heart.

Her band took a break for a little while and Marina played Numb and Obsessions with just her piano and a back up singer. The next two songs she performed, “Primadonna” and “Starring Role” were also from Electra Heart.

Marina and the Diamonds

The crowd started to get really rowdy as soon as she went into the much loved song from The Family Jewels, Oh No! Oh No! is probably my favourite from The Family Jewels besides Shampain.

The next song she played was an unreleased song – that, to my surprise, I hadn’t heard before… Normally I’m good at keeping track of B-sides and unreleased tracks by artists that I love. Marina told us that this song, called “Jealousy“, didn’t make the cut for The Family Jewels OR Electra Heart so it’ll never be released officially. 🙁 If this song is unreleased cuz her label doesn’t want it to be released, her record label has got to be the biggest bunch of fucking idiots EVER, because this song is awesome. It’s easily better than some of the tracks that did make the cut for both albums, and could be a hit if released as a single. Seriously WTF?! Here’s a place where you can download the song if you want, since it’s never going to be released, I guess downloading it isn’t taking any money from Marina.

She closed the “first act” with the also very popular Mowgli’s Road.

Marina and the Diamonds

For the encore, she played “Fear and Loathing” (which is going to be on Electra Heart) before closing with her biggest hit ever and the first song I heard of hers, Hollywood.

The show was great and of course she performed beautifully… I’m grateful I got to see her. But I admit I was crushed she didn’t play Shampain. Normally I wouldn’t get that sad about it… But Shampain was the first Marina song I loved, and it’s a song that gave me life when I was in total darkness, so I was really looking forward to hearing it live.

Oh I was also sad about being too poor to buy any merch, cuz I wanted that electra heard necklace. Hopefully there will be a next time.

I love Marina and I have faith that this year will be the year she steals the heart of whole world! I dream of a day when I could play music with her, or at least meet her and tell her how much her music means to me.

love and light xxxx.