I’m so grateful I got to celebrate thanksgiving last night with my expat family. I’m so grateful there was plenty of veggies to eat. I’m so grateful my pumpkin cookies came out great and that I got to have them for dessert. I’m grateful for delicious drinks too. I’m so happy I got to wear make up and my awesome dress and faux pearls.

I’m grateful for new inspiration. The house we visited for thanksgiving was so gorgeous! It’s going to be so awesome when I have my own home.

I’m grateful to be able to travel. I’m happy I made it here on time even though I missed the first train.

I’m grateful for Britain, and for getting to see more of it everyday. I’m so grateful and thankful I get to live here. I’m grateful for how beautiful it is here in the south east. I’m grateful for where I live in Thornton Heath too.

I’m so grateful for friends on instagram. It is definitely my favorite app!

I’m so grateful moms going to get me a nook for Christmas. I can’t wait to fill it with hay house books and comics and every Dune novel ever written.

I’m so grateful for new insight and new ideas. I’m so grateful for Doreen Virtue.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just breathe? Wouldn’t it be nice to build self esteem today? Wouldn’t it be nice to inspire others today? Wouldn’t it be nice to meet new friends today? Wouldn’t it be nice to experience new miracles today?

I am who I am because of everyone.