Katy Perry performing in the California Dreams tour at Wembley Arena in London

This past weekend I had the pleasure of seeing Katy Perry at Wembley Arena! I bought the tickets as a Graduation Present for myself when I finished grad school like a billion years ago.

I LOVE Katy Perry so I agonised forever over what to wear. I wanted to make a new dress and wear a wig, but I didn’t have time or money to get a new wig or buy fabric. So I decided to wear two pieces that I made while I was getting my textiles degree: the Katy Perry apron you may remember from this post and my strawberry dress! We only had like 5 minutes to quickly snap some pictures of my outfit before jumping on the train to Wembley, so they came out a little derp-y, but I hope they can inspire nonetheless:

Strawberry Dress by Adrienne Orpheus

The waitress-style dress I wore underneath the apron. I made it a year or so ago, but it fits so much better now that I’ve lost weight! I designed the fabric too and had it custom printed for this dress (you may recognise where I got the idea for it if you play Poupée Girl 😉 ). The strawberry was a picture I painted, and I designed the print in Photoshop.

Katy Perry apron by Adrienne Orpheus

And the aforementioned apron I wore over it… The angle of these pictures make me look like a giant! The shoes I wore are the Iron Fist Zombie Heels. I did my make up to match the dress (the pinks are Sugarpill “Birthday Girl” and “Magcentric”, the green is Urban Decay’s “Chronic” – all vegan of course!!).
Sugarpill and Urban Decay eyes of the day
One thing I totally didn’t realise was that I bought tickets on the FLOOR!! My tickets only cost £30, so I just assumed that the whole venue was general admission because I didn’t have to choose seats when I bought them. The arena was huge and I was so close to the stage in comparison to people in the seats! I showed up an hour and a half late because I was trying to miss the opening acts, but despite my efforts I still showed up in the middle of Yelle’s set. It was okay though, because she was amazing!!

This is the first time I’ve ever gone to a major pop star’s concert so I had no idea what to expect. I’ve never seen Britney or Madonna or any of those superstars live and I’ve been to very few “major label” concerts.

The following things REALLY surprised me:
• The concert had a story line!
• There was this big fancy candy land inspired set! I was expecting just a stage!
• There were LASERS. LASERS.
• Back up dancers! Holy shit! They were doing back flips and being suspended from the ceiling! Katy’s not really known for dancing, so I just had no idea this was going to happen, but OMG!
• Pyrotechnics… REAL fireworks!

I won’t spoil the storyline for anyone who hasn’t seen the concert, but basically pre-recorded clips of a love story about Katy traveling to Candyfornia with her cat Kitty Purry played on the three big screens in the above picture. Sometimes in between songs, we’d see the next part of the storyline. Katy opened with “Teenage Dream” and came out with this AMAZING outfit that was super sparkly!
Katy Perry performing Teenage Dream at Wembley Arena
She followed that up with “Hummingbird Heartbeat”, which I was lucky enough to get a whole video of!

She followed that up with “Waking Up In Vegas”, where she threw lots of coins in the audience and had her dancers suspended from the cieling! Then she performed “Ur so Gay”. After that she took off her dress to reveal a purple and green body suit and performed “Peacock” while her dancers surrounded her with feathers! It was amazing! I managed to get this shot of her:
Katy Perry performing "Peacock" at Wembley Arena
After “Peacock” she put on a long, beautiful sparkly dress and sang an alternative version of her first hit, “I Kissed A Girl”. Some scenes of the story played on the big screens, after which she came back on in another new outfit and performed “Circle the Drain”.

Then E.T. started and there were mother f*$@ing lasers projecting into the audience!!! They looked SO cool! I tried to get a picture but failed, so here’s a video I recorded of them… you can see Katy getting carried across stage by her dancers too:

She followed that up with “Who Am I Living For”, “Pearl”, and “Not Like the Movies”. During “Pearl”, she wore this glittery silver cape and two of her dancers were suspended from the ceiling. Then the dancers joined arms (or legs? I can’t remember) and the lifted her up off the stage! And during “Not Like The Movies”, Katy was lifted up in a swing while a big curtain was suspended behind her… Similar to her performance at the Grammies, which is where this GIF is from:
Katy Perry performing "Not Like the Movies" at the Grammy Awards
There was a little break in the middle of the show where Katy played 4 acoustic covers: “Only Girl (In the World)”, “Big Pimpin'”, “Born This Way”, and “Whip My Hair”. After the covers, she played “Thinking of You” on a rhinestone covered guitar and then there was a short pause while the next clip of the storyline played on the big screens. Katy came back onstage and did this incredible performance of “Hot N Cold” where she changed into a TON of different outfits. After that she sang “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)”. Then she went into a cover of Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”… and one of the dancers DRESSED IN A FUZZY MASCOT COSTUME OF KITTY PURRY came ON STAGE rolling around, holy shit it was HILARIOUS and amazing, I had to take a picture of it:
Kitty Purry
I also took a video of it because it was THAT funny.

She closed with “Firework” which was just incredible! There were REAL Fireworks going off in the arena, and shit was CRAYZAY!
For the encore she played, of course, “California Gurls”. While it’s not my favourite song from Teenage Dream, the performance was amazing! She let loose a bunch of GIANT beach balls into the audience and everyone was bouncing them around, and two HUGE explosions of glittery confetti went off at the end!

All in all, it was one of the most incredible, inspiring, and extravagant concert experiences of my life! Waking up super early to buy tickets the day they went on sale was 100% worth it! I will definitely see her when she comes to London again!

Want to see high res pics? Check out the gallery below or comment on the gallery on facebook!

Love & light & Teenage Dreams… <3


  1. Great pics!
    I’m not a big Katy Perry fan, but I love her stage outfits!
    I bet the show was really fun!

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