Ok so. I’ve been a fan of Jackass since I saw the first movie a while back. I admittedly haven’t seen that much of the TV show because I don’t really watch much TV (except for cartoons, I guess) but I love the movies!

I don’t remember why, but strangely enough, I had been thinking about Steve-O a few months ago. He was always my favourite from Jackass. I stumbled upon his wikipedia page and I was excited to find out that he was a vegan, too. When I went to his website and saw that he was releasing a book and would be coming to London in July. I really wanted to go see him, but when I looked at the ticket prices I thought buying some would probably be fiscally irresponsible. However, I didn’t rule out the possibility of going, and it was on my mind for a few days.

At that same time, I was working really hard to worry about money as little as possible — or, to be more exact, I was expressing as much gratitude for the abundance in my life as possible, and trying to relax more. I wrote about it a little on on my lifestream. After going to a really lame job interview, it sort of hit me that the whole having a day job just isn’t for me. I figured, I might as well just forget about all that stuff and focus on manifesting abundance in ways that make me happy.

Literally a week or two after I had been looking at Steve-O’s website, Rob’s Dad asked me if we had any interest in going to see Steve-O, because he had free tickets to the show! I guess he got them through some website or something, I don’t know. I was ecstatic!

The outside of one of the buildings at the o2. It was trippy

When the 7th rolled around, we went to the o2 to see him. Unaware that Steve-O had started doing stand up comedy, we weren’t really sure what to expect. After sitting through a (not good) opening act, he came on stage at last!

It would be impossible for me to write about all the things he said, but he told us a lot of hilarious stuff about his life and his experiences on Jackass. Watching Steve-O do stand up is way better than watching most comedians because there is a real sense of honesty surrounding everything he says. It was more like sitting with a friend, who’s telling you all these awesome stories, than watching a regular standup comedian. He also seems to be extremely comfortable with who he is, which makes him a lot of fun to watch.

After doing stand up for a while, Steve-O did some exciting/scary stunts for us involving lemon juice and glass (not at the same time). His final stunt involved jumping through a fireball, which was pretty rad. During the show, I kept thinking that I wish I had a camera. I seriously take that thing with me everywhere, and of course when I actually needed it I had forgot it. I attempted to take some TwitPics with my Blackberry, but it has a terrible camera so it wasn’t exactly a success. I guess it was my lucky day, because after he finished doing stunts, Steve-O said he wanted to take pictures of all of us with his own camera!!!

Everyone rushed towards the stage and he took time to get his picture with everyone individually. I wanted to get his autograph on something, but I came unprepared so I just grabbed the first thing I could think of for him to sign, which happened to be my Hello Kitty make up case. 😛 When it was finally my turn, it was only slightly less humiliating than I thought it would be asking him to sign it, but he obliged!

Steve-O's autograph
click to enlarge

After he took our picture together, I said to him “I’m a vegan too!” When I said that he smiled really big and said “Awesome, I love that shit” and gave me a high five!

The whole experience was super inspiring and uplifting, I’m shaking just writing about it! It’s amazing what you can manifest when you stop worrying so much. So remember – abundance can come from anywhere, and in any form!

Me and SteveO from Jackass



  1. Henry

    I love this blog! That’s so awesome that you got to meet Seve-O. I wish I could!

  2. Ann

    I love Steve-O.. his stories of overcoming drug addiction and destructive behavior are really inspiring to me. I didn’t know he was vegan! Also, what a great example of the awesome things the universe can bring if you let it. Way to manifest!

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