Hello, Namaste, こんにちは, and G’day. I’m so grateful for today because it’s Jonna’s birthday!!

I’m so grateful to have Jonna as my friend. I’m so grateful that we’ve managed to stay friends for over ten years! I’m so grateful we were able to stay such good friends despite her moving to Florida for a while and me moving here! I’m so grateful she decided to move back to Massachusetts! I’m so grateful I can talk to her about anything and she feels the same way! I’m so grateful she makes me laugh so much! I’m so grateful she loves to party as much as I do! I’m so grateful she’s introduced me to so many cool things and cool people! I’m so grateful that seeing her happy makes me happy! I’m so grateful that it’s easy to keep in touch with her in this day and age! I’m so grateful to have met her! I feel so lucky to have her as a friend! I’m so grateful to have the best friend anyone could ever have!

I’m so grateful that I can make this post now because I installed a new Category Visibility plugin! Especially since this is a special Jonna post! I was going crazy all day not being able to make this post. I’m so grateful Jessica offered to help me fix my problems with the plugin! I’m so moved by her willingness to help me! I’m so grateful for the new forum that I’m totally going to hang out in! I’m so grateful I’ve already done my strength training for today! I’m so grateful it was RIDICULOUSLY easy! I’m definitely going to have to increase my weights next time!

I love Jonna. I love that Jonna got a new job! I love that she’s going to get her own place with Gary soon! I love the success that’s been coming her way recently! I love Jonna’s honesty and understanding! I love her cute outfits! I love when she helps me cut vegetables while we cook together! I love that I’ll see her when I go visit my parents in May! I love that she showed me this amazing song. I love that I’ll get to be in her wedding and make her dress! I love all the inside jokes we have that have lasted forever and will continue to be funny until the end of time! I love having a best friend!

Wouldn’t it be nice if Jonna came to visit? Wouldn’t it be nice to go to Edinburgh with her and eat vegan haggis? Wouldn’t it be nice to go to a Lady Gaga concert together? Wouldn’t it be nice if Lady Gaga tickets didn’t cost so much? Wouldn’t it be nice to party with Jonna and get wasted and drink fancy drinks? Wouldn’t it be nice to go to her Birthday party? Wouldn’t it be nice if what I sent her got to her tomorrow or the next day? Wouldn’t it be nice to be more like Jonna? Wouldn’t it be nice if more people recognised how awesome she is? Wouldn’t it be nice if I wasn’t wearing a random red headband that clashes with my hoodie in the above picture? (Seriously WTF).

Today I intend to feel joyful and inspired as I think about all the fun I’ve had and will continue to have with my best friend.

Ten Things I Love About Jonna

1. She has awesome hair that changes colour and looks good curly or straight
2. She is beautiful the way she looks now and still makes effort to stay in shape
3. She always makes me laugh
4. She is always there for me to talk to and I’m there for her
5. She is a member of my family (basically)
6. She has stayed my friend through difficult times
7. She never gives up
8. She brings out the best in everyone around her
9. She lights up a room with her personality
10. She gets along with everyone and I never have to worry about introducing her to anyone because I know they will love her

Daily Affirmation

I love living!!

Happy Birthday Jonna!