Charlie from Always Sunny - Stolen from Tumblr

MAJOR things are happening in my world which is why posts have been sporadic. But one thing I’ve been slaving over which I am ready to unveil is the new store here on!

The store is divided into two sections – a place to buy t-shirts via RedBubble (including the Beemo shirt that I posted about a while back) and a place to buy things that I’ve personally made myself. Now that everything’s organised in one place hopefully everyone will have an easier time finding things!

A Farewell to Etsy sale!

As I already said before in earlier posts, my old clothing line from Etsy is closing forever, and from its ashes will rise something else entirely. So! I’m getting rid of all the leftover stock that ISN’T going on this site at The Etsy Store. Everything is on super sale and once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Like I said already, exciting things are coming your way, so stay tuned!