Happy new year! Things have been fairly quiet around here since vegan mofo, I’ve been so busy working on my EP I haven’t had a minute to post anything! I have some major blog changes to roll out in the coming weeks, but for now I’ll just talk about my latest adventure. For Christmas, I treated myself to a trip to Cardiff, since I have always wanted to go!!

I stayed at the Riverhouse Backpackers Hostel. I’ve stayed – and lived 🙁 – in a lot of hostels in my time but this was definitely the nicest one yet. I arrived on a Tuesday night. I met a new friend from Korea in my room and we went to have a drink, it was awesome.

There were also a few cats at the hostel, which I can appreciate.

The next morning, there was free breakfast. I was kind of worried they wouldn’t have anything vegan to eat (and I had to pack light so I couldn’t really bring much food with me), but to my pleasant surprise they had soy milk and cereal. My usual breakfast of choice is actually green juice as you might already know from my tweets or seeing my pics on instagram, but I couldn’t find a single juice bar in Cardiff that served green juice. And I really looked! I had muesli instead.

After that I got dressed and planned to go to the museum. On the way, however, I got distracted by shops and a mall.

The mall in Cardiff is the closest thing I’ve seen to an American mall. Even the biggest British malls pale in comparison to the mighty American mall (like that pathetic excuse for a mall they have in Bristol – the shops are practically outside for frak’s sake). The biggest difference between American malls and British ones, though, is how early the British ones shut – I didn’t stick around long enough to see if everything closed at five (which, by the way, is completely ridiculous!!).

After spending at least two hours distracted by all the delicious shops in city centre, I went to Cardiff museum. I don’t actually like museums that much (I know, I’m so uncultured). However I wanted to go there because a certain individual who I might like a lot may or may not have done some kind of motion picture in that general area before.

Ceramics are one the few art forms I care about (well, that would be found in a museum anyways) so coincidentally they are the only thing I took photos of:

I walked around the castle but I did not go in because it cost money to do so. The museum was free. I paid to go into the Roman Baths when I lived in Bath and I thought it was £12 I could’ve spent better elsewhere so I figured Cardiff Castle was probably a similar affair.

Speaking of which, Cardiff reminded me quite a lot of Bath. It was a lot like Bath but with better shops (though Bath wins for architecture I admit). There was even a Rossiters! I freaked out when I saw it.

I think the Rossiters in Cardiff has even more cute stuff than the one in Bath.

After the museum I made a point to go to Low Coal, because Droneboy is one of my favorite Tshirt designers (I have a degree in Tshirt snobbery so yeah my opinion matters).

I got a gift for my dad (the above shirt, which he loved!!). I wanted a necklace but they were all out! 🙁 Either way though, it was awesome to see the products in person after looking at them on my laptop screen for ages. They also had PINK backpacks which I’ve never seen on the site before! I have to get one! Maybe next time…

Later that night, I went ice skating! The cold was absolutely blistering though, I couldn’t stay out for that long.

The next day I had to go, but I had a few hours to shop and walk around before my bus left. The day before I bought a pair of totally killer cross leggings for only £7! I’m one of those people who wants to put clothes on right after I buy them, so I wore them that day:

I walked around the city some more, and I visited Cardiff Fashion Quarter. I didn’t get anything, but it was awesome there and I took a pic of the above record player.

I went back home to Thornton Heath that afternoon! I still miss it, I wanna go back!


I would write about my resolutions for this year, but my main resolution is to make more miracles! And that’s all there is to say.

Fun fact: this is the first entry I’ve written entirely on my iPhone. Thanks, Poster app!