So I had a birthday recently, without much fanfare, because I’m an adult. For my birthday I went to Dragon*Con, just like I do every year, and this is what I wore on Day Zero!

This is the best picture I have and of course it was taken in a mirror.

I took these pictures in our hotel room at the Marriott.

Adrienne Orpheus

The hair clips and jumperskirt are Metamorphose‘s Telephone Print. This is probably my favourite dress!
The blouse was made by me.
The boots are from eBay.

Dragon*Con was amazing as always!

For the uninitiated, Dragon*Con is a four day science fiction/multigenre convention held every Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I shared my photos from Dragon*Con on Venture Cosplay, Facebook, and Google+

Lots of awesome things happened there, the highlights being:

Andy Deane of Bella Morte

• Seeing Bella Morte Live! I’ve been a huge fan of them since High School, since I heard “Relics” on some compilation CD I bought back then. They were amazing, and I’m so glad I finally got to see them! Sadly though they did not play my favourite song (Silver Crosses) which isn’t that surprising given its from like their first album. I bought a t-shirt from them that I’m going to turn into a dress (pictures to follow).

Adrienne Orpheus and Doc Hammer

• Getting my picture with Doc Hammer, one of the creators of The Venture Brothers! This was my photo mission for the weekend. I’ve met him and Jackson Publick (Christopher McCulloch) a bunch of times, but never had photographic evidence of it until now. Unfortunately Jackson Publick wasn’t at the convention or I would’ve got my picture with him too and I’d probably die of happiness. I missed a lot of the panels Doc was at (I need an iPhone I guess, cuz I had a hell of a time making sense of the paper programming guide now that the con spans over 5 hotels or whatever it is) but thanks to my friend V I didn’t miss the big panel he was at on Sunday, after which this photo was taken.

• I didn’t spend a lot of time in the Dealer’s rooms but in the basement of the Marriott I found this awesome dealer called Little Cookie. At least, I think it was her! She doesn’t have any of this cute resin stuff on her etsy, so maybe she was sharing the table with someone else who makes resin jewellery. I got the above necklace (stunning!) and this really cute Totoro ring and strawberry hair clip which matches a ring I own:

Altogether I think it was the best Dragon*Con yet! I can’t wait till next year… I’m sad its over. 🙁

Until next time…