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At the end of last month I went to see Britney Spears live for the first time. If you know me in real life (or maybe just on know, she is my musical idol, my inspiration, and most played in iTunes for sure. I love her so much not just because her music is amazing, but I admire her ability to continue to be successful despite her struggles with the media and in her personal life. I also feel she’s the only contemporary pop star (besides maybe Christina Aguilera?) who seems comfortable enough with herself to NOT cling desperately to stupid gimmicks in order to get people to listen to her music. HOWEVER, I’m totally late to the Britney party – I actually didn’t start listening to her music until last year! Despite my diverse taste in music, I always deliberately ignored her albums because of her portrayal by the media. So I never went to any of her previous tours. That shit ended the fateful day I heard this track. Why have I been missing out on this for like 10+ years?!?!

Luckily I saw the light early enough to get tickets to this tour.

What I wore that day

First off, here’s what I wore to the concert! My Beemo shirt from Threadless came in the mail a few days before the concert so I was eager to wear it, along with some other bright ass colours. The skirt is by Putumayo. Unfortunately, because I live in squalor (i.e. the shower is broken and no one can be arsed to fix the fucking thing) I couldn’t do my hair so I wore a wig. It’s actually my unstyled Naruto wig, but I pulled it into pigtails in order to make it look somewhat cute (it doesn’t).

But it was cold so I wore a jacket.

I tried to take a pic of my make up, the colours of which were as eye burning as the rest of what I wore.

The Concert!

Femme Fatale Logo

So! I purposely showed up late to the concert because I didn’t care about seeing any of the opening acts. Unfortunately this meant I didn’t get to stand that close to the stage, not to mention I managed to end up behind the tallest guy in the venue. So the photos I got were definitely not as impressive as the ones I took for Katy Perry.

She opened with the lead single from Femme Fatale, “Hold It Against Me”, but I didn’t get any pictures of it (because I suck). She followed that with “Up N Down” which is one of the bonus tracks from Femme Fatale. I was super excited when she sang this because it’s definitely my favourite track from her new album! The audience also went insane when she started performing it. I have no idea why it’s only a bonus track. In my opinion, it should be a single. It’s amazing, and easily better than “Hold It Against Me”! I think her record label is absolutely stupid for making it only a bonus track.

Britney Spears
Britney gets ready to make a costume change

She followed that up with “3”, which is another song of hers that I love!!! Now, Wikipedia’s Set List says she played “Piece of Me” (from Blackout) next. I don’t remember this happening, but maybe I was temporarily dead during that time. But I’m pretty sure I would remember it because that’s one of my favourite songs ever. After that, though she definitely played “Big Fat Bass” and “How I Roll”. I got a short and blurry video clip of “How I roll”, which I took because I thought the images on the screen were really cute:

She invited a very lucky fan on stage with her while she did a super sexy dance and sang “Lace and Leather” (from Circus). Unfortunately that lucky fan was not me. After a short break to give the lucky fan a chance to get off stage, she came back on stage and, to my extreme excitement, did a remixed version of “If U Seek Amy” (possibly my favourite Britney track ever!)

Ok, this for me was the best part of the concert. After a quick change, she performed Gimme More. Now, I actually don’t like “Gimme More” that much, I think it’s one of Britney’s weaker songs actually. Looking back on Blackout (one of the greatest pop albums ever, maybe the greatest ever), I don’t think Gimme More was deserving of being the lead single. But seeing her perform it live kinda changed my mind about the song. She did a remix version and it was in-freaking-sane!

Gimme More Live

The costumes, the set pieces, the dancing, everything about this performance was amazing. She had an Egyptian theme set complete with the crazy bird thing you see above, it was seriously inspiring.

She followed that up with “(Drop Dead) Beautiful” (another amazing track from Femme Fatale), and “Boys”. Then she got suspended from the ceiling on a swing for “Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know”.

Don't Let Me Be the Last To Know

This was awesome! After that, she performed a remix of “Baby One More Time” mixed with Rihanna’s “S&M”. The crowd went crazy during this.

After that, she played “Trouble for Me”, “I’m a Slave 4 U”, and invited lots of fans on stage for “I Wanna Go” (not me 🙁 ). She closed with “Womanizer”.

Britney Spears Toxic

For the Encore, she started with “Toxic”. I’m not sure what kinda crazy remix they had going on in the live version of the song, but it was like ten times better than the album version of “Toxic” (if that’s possible). I’d say this was probably the second most amazing part of the concert, after “Gimme More”. The whole performance was incredible. The outfit she wore (above) was also amazing! I’m pretty sure I cried.

This is the moment I was waiting for!!! She closed out the encore with “Till The World Ends” and she got these angel wings and fireworks went off. As soon as I saw the angel wings on stage I started losing my shit and took 1 zillion pictures. Luckily this one came out pretty good!

Oh and real quick: she sang live!!! I feel like I shouldn’t have to bring this up, but several people asked me if she lipped the whole time and no she didn’t! Unlike what the Daily Mail (no, I will not link to their shitty review), et al are reporting, the concert was amazing and she absolutely did not “bomb”. All those wanna be newspapers can suck it, as far as I’m concerned. If you haven’t heard that she can sing check this masterpiece out:

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