I’m so grateful for my new room! I’m so grateful that when you ask, it is given. I was JUST thinking my old room was getting a bit small (despite getting rid of most of my belongings this past month) and then just like that, Kat moved out and I got her room!!!

I’m so grateful for whole foods. Wherever I move to next has to be near a Whole Foods! I’m so grateful they had tempeh and raw food bars and tofu.

I’m so grateful that today I went to the corner store and got four avocados for only £1! Fuck yes!!

I’m grateful I got to use my juicer today and made awesome green juice and it was so so so delicious! I missed juicing so much!

I love CHRiSTMAS and I’m so happy about all the houses in the neighborhood being decorated!

I love hot cocoa and I’m so happy I finally learned how to make it the right way. I’m so grateful Tesco has almond milk. I’m so grateful that the house is full of food.

I’m grateful for my health and that it’s getting better and better. I’m grateful for new books to read and new inspiration.

I’m grateful to be in the zone.