If you’ve had your eyes on my facebook page you may have seen I recently revived my vlog YouTube channel and posted some vlogs about my fitness adventures with the app ClassPass. In this vlog series (above), I talk about trying the app for two weeks.

Since I have continued to use the app, I have fulfilled my goal of exercising every day. So far I have worked out for every day of this year 2016, and best of all I have found ways to have fun while doing it. A lot of times (almost every day), I get to take two classes in one day.

Disclaimer: I am not being paid by ClassPass to write this review. I am writing this because I genuinely love this app and feel that it changed my life for the better. It does include affiliate links though.

What is ClassPass?

ClassPass is an app that, for a monthly fee ($120), allows you to to go unlimited fitness classes at any of the gyms or fitness studios in your area that accept ClassPass, up to 3 classes per studio per month. In Los Angeles where I live, most places accept bookings through ClassPass so there is a wealth of classes I can take.

Since I started using it, it has completely changed the way I think about fitness. I’m totally addicted to taking classes and I don’t see myself getting tired of it any time soon! Below are the 5 things I love about it the most.

Ganesh Poster at Earth's Power Yoga in Hollywood
Earth’s Power Yoga in Hollywood

1. I discovered kundalini yoga

This is the thing I am most grateful for. Yoga teacher SuzE Q describes Kundalini yoga as “going to the gym, therapy, and church all in one”, and I couldn’t agree more. As soon as I saw it on ClassPass I was curious about it. It’s now my absolute favorite type of yoga and I want to take the KRI Yoga Teacher Training this summer.

Pole Dancing at Allure Dance Studio in LA
Me trying Pole Dance at Allure Dance Studio in Los Angeles

2. I found fitness studios in my neighborhood.

As some of you might already know, I recently moved from Boston to Los Angeles. I only had a chance to visit LA once before moving here, and I chose to live in East Hollywood simply because it was the easiest place to find an apartment. So I really didn’t know anything about my neighborhood.

ClassPass allows you to search by distance, and using that function I found four studios that are within walking distance of my apartment. 2 yoga studios, a spinning studio, and an aerial fitness studio! It sounds silly but being able to walk to the place where I work out is awesome.

The Yogi Tree in Toluca Lake
The Yogi Tree in Toluca Lake

3. I’ve found a way to make exercise fun!

I know this is such a key to successfully reaching fitness goals, but I never really was able to crack the code on this one. In the past, the only exercise I seemed to genuinely enjoy was lifting weights and sometimes spinning. I’ve tried a lot of different home based workouts and found most of them barely tolerable, but I forced myself to keep doing them because I wanted the health benefits. With ClassPass I’ve found lots of work outs that I actually think are fun and not such a chore to go through.

Pink Iron in West Hollywood
Pink Iron women’s only gym in West Hollywood

4. I don’t have to be tied to one studio

This is something that other people may not enjoy, but I do. I find that most people have “their” gym or “their” yoga studio that they are loyal to and go to all the time, maybe because it’s close to where they live, maybe for other reasons I don’t understand.

Personally I couldn’t imagine being happy with going to one place all the time. I love the freedom of trying a wide variety of workouts. For example, I love yoga but I also like doing a wide variety of styles of yoga (kundalini, vinyasa, hatha, restorative, hot yoga, yoga booty ballet…). Most yoga studios only offer one or two types. There are none that offer EVERY type, although Yogala in Echo Park comes close. With ClassPass, I don’t have to waste time looking for a gym that has it all or offers everything I want – I can just take all the different types of classes I want, when I want to take them.

Flying Pilates at Crunch Gym
Me doing Flying Pilates at Crunch Gym in WeHo

5. I’ve discovered new types of exercise that I love

The beauty of having ClassPass in a city like LA is there’s a huge wealth of fitness studios here, including some that offer pretty unique classes. In the 2 months since I started using it I’ve had a chance to try so many new things I’ve never tried before, and some I’d never heard of before: Barre, Power Plate, Flying Pilates, Pole Dancing, Buti Yoga, and there are even lifting classes. I’ve also discovered the beauty of taking classes with a group (rather than going it alone at home or a gym) – it’s awesome to be able to get tips on form and see familiar faces at each class.

I really feel so blessed to have found this app and I encourage everyone to give it a try.