Watch Adrienne (that’s me!) on MTV’s True Life: I want to be an obscure pageant queen!

March 13, 2014

True Life: I Want to Be an Obscure Pageant Queen featuring Adrienne Orpheus
Over the summer, I was chosen to be on MTV’s documentary show True Life, in an episode called “I Want to be an Obscure Pageant Queen”. The production crew came with me to Dragon Con 2013, where I competed as my Andorian character in Trek Track’s Miss Star Trek Universe pageant. In the competition, I sang the unreleased title song from my upcoming (and recently funded on kickstarter!) EP “Ice Queen”.

Watch the episode to find out the juicy details of what happened, AND get to hear a preview of Ice Queen!

Use the hashtags #TeamAdrienne and #TeamPauline !!

It debuts on Saturday, March 15th at 11 am eastern on MTV, and will (probably) be on the True Life website!

Love and light -


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